"Home owners often cite a lack of information about the building process as a major stress factor and trigger for disputes and miscommunication..."

Queensland Master Builders Association.

Gain the confidence to building a new home before you begin

This comprehensive workshop offers buyers a detailed insight into the construction process


The land characteristics can dramatically affect the cost of a build. There are traps and benefits. The builder must compliment the land, as do your design choices. Let us show you where the builder may fail to deliver floorpans that suit your lifestyle or function within its environment efficiently.


Before you can finalise a contract, you need to know what your budget is. To conclude a land and build price you need to get intimate with the different types of contracts and inclusions lists. We expose you to the contract environment, to give you the confidence to move forward.



The ownership and construction process is really quite intricate. What can go wrong will go wrong. The workshop and workbook give you the tools needed & prompters to guide you in the real world. This can maximise your cash flow and negotiating position.

Get to know the creator and the content


A teaser book is available for download as an introduction to how the full day workshop will work. It is short and succinct. It defines the topics being covered and what you can expect at the workshop.


Workshop Before You Build


Buyers be informed about the inner workings of the building and construction process. 

You will feel empowered to make good choices when building a new home after taking this workshop.

To this end, you will receive the basic knowledge and have access to follow up support needed.