You're thinking about investing in building a property yet you have no idea where to start or who to trust.

You might be thinking maybe it’s better to buy an existing home and renovate it just to get into the property market?

There’s no ONE place that has all the answers you’re looking for. It’s so overwhelming!


Jess Osborne the creator of this series, knows exactly how you feel because that was her 10 years ago.

Actually building her own sustainable investment properties was way more challenging than she’d imagined.

That’s why she created this guide; to deliver to you a 100% jargon-free usable framework.


This series, has ALL THE ANSWERS you need to assist you make the right decisions, IN ONE PLACE. 

 Many topics are covered, including: making sense of sustainability jargon, finance environments and overcoming the rising cost of ownership - most of the content we go through falls into one of these three key areas:


Land isn’t just about location and size. The specific characteristics of the land and how it is assessed, can dramatically affect the cost of your build! You need to know what to look for, what questions to ask and what it means for your sustainable project before you begin. Missing the detail here can prove to become a very expensive exercise!


Contracts are not all created equal! Some types of contracts can COST YOU dearly, and others can help you make the most of your project. We’ll give you the inside scoop on the different types of contracts, inclusions clauses and what to look for. Ask the right questions to negotiate smartly, maximising cash flow and minimise your costs.



Construction can be very complicated if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing. So you want to make sure you are working with a builder you can trust. There are pitfalls and if something can go wrong it will. Make sure you are prepared and have done your due diligence. If you can implement in some cases, free sustainable principles, why wouldn't you?

Get to know the creator and the content


No more guessing, Googling or grinding your teeth about what is right or wrong, how to decide this or that, or who to trust.

Avoid the stress! Receive the framework in simple terms!

Maximise your cash flow and minimise costs on your investment project, with my support.


Masterclass Before You Build


After having helped so many people over the years in person and through this series, Jess came to understand there are some key areas that most people struggle with. If these are the sorts of questions you have right now then Buyers Guide To Builders is definitely going to help!

  • Is building a better option than renovating an existing property? And if so how much better? And how can I decide?

  • What are the most important things to consider to make sure my investment project is profitable and sustainable?

  • How can I avoid overcapitalising?

  • What are the options for financing a building project vs. renovating an existing home? How can I maximise my profits over the lifetime of my asset?

  • What are the implications of choosing house and land packages vs. buying the land and then finding a builder? And how do i make sure it is a sustainable property?

  • How do I decide how much to spend to make sure I’m getting the best deal but not wasting money?

  • Where do I look for the land? How do I know if it’s a good deal?

  • Who can I trust when it comes to builders? How can I find one that’s not going to rip me off? What questions should I be asking?

  • What happens if interest rates go up a lot? How will the building process be impacted? Will I have to stop in the middle? Then what happens?

  • What if my partner or I lose our jobs in the process of the build?

  • Are there any compliance issues we need to understand that are hidden in the fine-print?

  • What factors do I need to consider to maximise the profit on this project?

  • How do I minimise costs but maximise rental yield and occupancy?

Want the answers to all those questions and more?