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I know we all want to do the right thing and make a difference in the world, even it is a small for ourselves, our family or our local community.

Owning your own property and one that leaves a legacy is absolutely attainable. If you approach the renovation or new home build with smart decisions, you can potentially capture a cash-positive investment. Let’s face it, whether you live in it or not, your hard earned cash is paying for one of the single largest assets you will purchase in a lifetime.

Get Control Back

The masterclass is designed to put you back in control. Get clear, credible information about your options in a simple, easy to understand delivery.

The implications and benefits of ‘sustainability’, have been lost in an overload of information and it’s no wonder we are confused or tend to put it in the ‘too expensive basket’.

Well quite the opposite!

You can start by applying free mechanisms to reduce the running costs of your home and we show you how!

Economically Viable

Value vs Spend will depend on your budget. You want to create financial security and build a property that is going to support your changing lifestyle over the coming years.

You need to be asking the right questions of your builders and your tradesmen. Let us equip you with this knowledge.

Don’t get stuck with expensive mistakes!

Nine Steps to a Sustainable Home

Here is the content being covered at the Masterclass

  1. Land Characteristics - Where land can increase costs & considering all the elements to location.

  2. Designing for Lifestyle - Thinking smart about the function of a home & planning for the future

  3. Building Environmental Resilience - Knowledge of how the climate affects the function of the home & how to incorporate free tools to add value.

  4. Value Add for a Sustainable Home - Understand the methods of costing both a new build and renovation by considering inclusions lists & Energy Ratings

  5. Aspects to Sustainable Construction - With six focus areas in mind, practical sustainability initiatives, hints & tips, allow you to start applying this knowledge.

  6. Builder Due Diligence - Factors influencing what builders you can use including topics on licensing, certifiers and planning laws.

  7. Financial Wellness - Consider how to maximise your cash flow and reduce out of pocket expenses.

  8. Contracts & Construction Conditions - Gain exposure to this environment prior to starting and gain the confidence here to know what you are looking for.

  9. Cost of Not: Return on Investment - Understand the practical application and returns then begin applying sustainability concepts to your own scenarios.


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