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Webinar - Intro to Buyers Guide

Join Jessica online for a free one hour introductory session that will brief over the topics covered in the full course.

Secure you online view via Eventbrite (private link to webinar room will be emailed to you).

Access to the webinar is done so via Zoom.


  • Finding the land 

Without the land, we don’t have a new home to build, yes?  

  • Designing for Lifestyle

The need to consider your lifestyle choices, plan for the future and strengthen your current financial position, means thinking smart about what designs you may like to consider. 

  • Choosing a Builder

Perhaps we need to choose land with which the builder is familiar. 

  • Builder Due Diligence 

Prior to a construction contract being signed, doing some key cross checks on the builder is important for a successful outcome.

  • Costing a Build 

Before you can make a commitment you need to consider your financial position. Wouldn't you like to know how a build is costed? The workshop goes into some live examples and we get intimate with this knowledge.

  • Finance and Deposits

We talk about deposits and when you should and shouldn't be putting money down.

  • Contract Process

I want you to get familiar with the different types of contracts that you may come across out there in the real world, and get you used to holding and looking at them in detail.

  • Ownership and Construction Process 

The ownership and construction process is quite intricate and it's all about timing and following stages.

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